Living rooms

Interior dining room

The house has a large interior dining room with big windows that allow a lot of light in during the day, decorated with wooden furniture that produces a warm and sober ambience, ideal for goups to gather and enjoy conversations.

Chimney room

A comfy chimney providing warmth and intimity on cold winter days, under the wooden beams of the ceiling, where the fire light mixes with the putside light from the small windows, typical from traditional catalan rural houses.

Lecture and tablegames livingroom

Or the “Mother room”, as we call it. An essential gathering room, especially during the late evenings and nights, where one can rest, read and play table games.

Exterior dining room

One of the preferred rooms by our guests. It is an exterior dining room, just outside the interior one, covered by a ceiling of vines, allowing meals feeling closer to nature.

Cocina y baños

Fully equipped kitchen with freezer, oven, fully stocked dinnerware, etc.

The house has four bathrooms, two of them are complete with a bathtub, one with a shower and an exterior one next to the barbecue and the exterior dining room.


Amazing work room that allows to perform all kind of activities. From yoga courses to corporate meetings on a natural environment. With an approximate size of 150 square meters, with parquet floor and greenhouse canvas cover.
It also has electricity and piped sound system. It is now under site improvements.


20 from the house, there is a barbecue to cook all you want. Ideal to shere the exterior dining room during all year.